5 Tips to Get More Customers and Retain Them Too

The buyer's journey is a progression of steps the buyer takes when making a purchase. Most businesses know that they need to support the customer at all stages, even though a lot of the process is done before a buyer engages with the seller. When buyers are ready to engage, you must be ready. In the article, "5 Tips to Get More Customers and Retain Them Too," Dhaval Sarvaiya discusses the main stages of the journey: awareness, consideration, decision, retention and advocacy. In the final stage, he reminds us that customers with great experiences will "fall in love with your brand" and that they will not only "promote your brand but will defend it as well." Imagine customers so loyal that they will defend what you're selling—all because they so strongly believe in it. Read this entire article for pointers on how to support your customers at all stages of the buyer's journey.

Work remotely, stay secure—guidance for CISOs

As  organizations  have had to  quickly  pivot to new working environments, cyberattacks have become an urgent concern.  In this thought leadership article, you can learn  some of the best practices using Microsoft  security  that help ensure the best protection.  Examples include  secure access to cloud applications that protect sign-ins with  security defaults,  methods to  manage and secure corporate data in approved apps on personal devices,  and  providing clear and basic information, including how to protect their devices, will help you and employees stay ahead of  threats so  they can remain productive. 

Affordable Windows 10 devices help students learn from anywhere

As schools around the world work to reimagine education, it's become even more important to make technology accessible, safe, and engaging. Frenship Independent School District, which offers professional certifications and language learning programs, used both Windows 10 devices and Microsoft Teams to manage the shift to remote learning this fall. Access this blog to learn how they embraced technology to help support students learning from anywhere.

Securing your remote workers

Quickly pivot to remote work while turning on built-in security controls to help your workers stay secure. In our e-book, "Securing your remote workers," you'll learn how you can secure remote workers the following ways: Enable remote access to apps to successfully connect a remote workforce. Manage devices and apps to secure your remote workforce. Protect your data, apps, and endpoints against threats and security risks. Each nonprofit facing these challenges has different needs. This guide aims to show how you can use your existing investments in Microsoft 365 to secure your organization where it needs it most.

Windows 10 tips and shortcuts

A step-by-step tutorial on time-saving Windows 10 shortcuts. Favorite classroom shortcuts include actions such as dictation, screen record and screenshot, and launching common things like Explorer and Settings. Play this short video if you like saving time!

Microsoft Threat Protection stops attack sprawl and auto-heals enterprise assets with built-in intelligence and automation

Attackers will cross multiple domains, such as email, identity, endpoints, and applications, to find the point of least resistance. Today's defense solutions have been designed to protect, detect, and block threats for each domain separately, allowing attackers to exploit the seams and threshold differences between solutions—leaving the organization vulnerable to attack.  Microsoft  Threat Protection stops attack sprawl and auto-heals enterprise assets with built in intelligence and automation. Access this article to learn more.

Taking the high road to high access at Davis School District

To meet its vision statement to "provide an environment where growth and learning flourish," one US school district knew it had to change its approach to technology integration in its 90 schools. It calls the program High Access, which can include everything from a 1:1 ratio of student to device, to highly specialized labs, to school-specific applications designed to meet the needs of its curriculum and its students. To meet these objectives, they've deployed 40,000 new devices using Microsoft Intune, and they plan to deploy the same number in the next few years. Access this customer story to learn how they did it—and why they chose Microsoft products over others.

El Rio Health serves clients more securely with Microsoft's cloud-based tools

Too many organizations are familiar with layering multiple individual solutions, one by one and over a span of time. This creates a maze of security tools and platforms that lends to navigation challenges for IT staff. Arizona-based El Rio Health found itself in this exact situation. It needed one integrated platform to handle all its security needs, and Microsoft 365 with E5 security bundle was the best fit.

Configure machines quickly with Intune

This video shows you how to set up and manage all classroom devices for students and teachers using Intune. In just a few simple steps, quickly deploy apps to all users and apply device settings . Play the video now.